Mike Wendt: President

Mike joined the Centreville Volunteer Fire Department in 2007 and currently serves there as Chief. He joined the FCVFRA Board in 2010 and was elected President in 2015. Outside of the fire service, Mike leads the Professional Services division of a large managed services provider.

Tom Warnock: Vice President, Operations

Tom is currently Chief of the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department in Fairfax County, VA. He is also a representative of the Association on the Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Commission. He has 24 years of first responder experience as an emergency medical technician, firefighter, hazardous materials technician, unit officer, and command officer. He has also been an instructor with the Training Division of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department since 1996.

Outside the fire service, Tom is the deputy Branch Chief of a Federal chemical preparedness program, assisting at-risk communities with comprehensive planning, training, exercise, and grant support. He has served on working groups examining public protection and medical issues, and has provided headquarters and field support to a number of Federally-declared disasters. Prior to entering Federal service, he  worked for the American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (CHEMTREC®) assisting first responders, industry, and the public with mitigation of hazardous materials emergencies. He is also a graduate of FEMA’s Master Exercise Practitioner program.

Shawn Stokes: Vice President, Administration

Shawn is the Fire Chief of the Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. He is also a representative of the Association on the Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Commission. Shawn is the Assistant Director of Community Solutions for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), responsible for wildland fire and volunteer recruitment/retention programs.

Eric Yang: Secretary

Eric joined the McLean Volunteer Fire Department in 2014 serving on the Board of Directors and as a Firefighter/ EMT.
In addition to the fire service, Eric has been an avid volunteer with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue since 2012 helping rescue animals find loving homes.

Outside of volunteering, Eric is a subject-matter expert on the future of personal mobility and leads Audi in the development of its 10-year strategy.

Camilla Morrison: Treasurer

Camilla has been a member of the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department for 14 years and currently serves as the Secretary for the department and as an EMT. Camilla is a Human Resources Manager for a large corporation in the defense industry.

Gary Gaal: Director

Gary’s fire department service spans 15 years as Assistant Chief of the Franconia Volunteer Fire Department. His background includes 20 years as a NREMT, EMS Aide, Driver, Firefighter, Engine Operator, and Officer.  By day Gary is Chief, Continuity of Operations and Exercises for the Department of the Army with 30 years of military service.

Marva Williams: Director

Marva Williams has worked in several capacities for Centreville Volunteer Fire Department over the past 23 years.  Currently, and for the past 10 years, she has held the title of Chief Executive Officer. Marva is a Senior Analyst for a Government Consulting Firm.

Elliot Zaret: Director

Elliot has been with the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department for 7 years where he is an EMT and has served as a mentor, advanced trainer, and member of the Board of Directors. Elliot is a state EMS Education Coordinator, teaches CPR at the training Academy, and is an EMT instructor for Training911. In 2012, Elliot was the recipient of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department’s Basic Life Support Provider of the Year award. When not volunteering, Elliot is an at-home dad of three children, an artist, woodworker and freelance journalist and teacher. Elliot also spent a decade working as a reporter for regional and national news outlets, where he covered such diverse beats as crime, local and national politics, business, technology, and law.